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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 21, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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his plan was to terrorize chicagoans with bombs and to assassinate mayor daley. now lebanese immigrant in the northwest side is behind bars accused of plotting to kill thousands of people on a busy street in wrigleyville. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers here who are watching us around the country on wgn america. federal investigators have been watching hassoun for a year and a half. as wgn's jay miller reports, some of his albany park neighbors are stunned by the news after the arrest. >> reporter: people here in the 4700 block of north kedzie are
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in absolute shock. they say 22-year-old sami samir hassoun seemed like a normal guy. they say he was a nice guy. however, federal officials say he had a dark side and a deadly plan. one that included killing mayor daley. >> i was in shock. i could never expect that from him. he didn't look like that kind of a man. eva works a few doors down from this man. 22-year-old sami samir hassoun who was arrested saturday in wrigleyville after allegedly plotting to set off a bomb as hundreds left the packed rock concert just after midnight. >> he didn't look like that kind of a person. >> reporter: but according to the fbi, he was that kind of person. officials say a year long investigation says he had plans to blow up willis tower. set off car bombs around the city and kill mayor daley so an associate of his can take control of the city. his neighbors don't think he was serious. >> he just big mouth.
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just talking. >> just talking? >> i thought. >> bluffing? >> probably. >> had he ever mentioned anything like blowing up anything to you or kill the mayor to you? >> no. >> the lebanese immigrant's grand plan came to an end saturday after an fbi informant set him up with a phony explosive device. hassoun dropped that device in a trash can in front of a bar in the 3500 block of north clark. before it went off he was arrested. his neighbors say he comes from a good family and say the whole thing is a shame. >> yeah, sure. everybody feels sorry for him because he is young guy. supposed to be more try to look toward his future. we wish him good luck. >> reporter: and federal officials say hassoun was not motivated by political or religious views. he simply wanted to make money. he is charged with attempting to use a weapons of mass destructions and attempting to detonate an explosive device. he is due in court tomorrow.
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in albany park, jay miller, wgn news. foiled bomb plot hits close to home for illinois congressman mike quigley. his family lives a block from where the bogus bomb was placed. quigley says case shows why the u.s. needs to shift its priority on the war on terror. we need to decide we can afford to do the things we are doing. if we can be the world's police. we need to see if military might really ends terrorism? we need to embrace foreign policy of diplomacy and restrain. quigley made his remarking during a speech today to the chicago council on global affairs. oak brook businessman says congressman jesse jackson, jr., tried to buy a u.s. senate seat. the "sun-times" reports nyiac has told federal investigators he dined with jackson in washington in october 2008. jackson told him to tell rod blagojevich that the indian american community will raise $1 million for blagojevich and jackson will personally raise another $5 million if
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blagojevich appointed him to the senate. nyiac says jackson reimbursed a washington restaurant whoitous for several trips to chicago at his request. the flights were never mentioned on jackson's financial disclosure forms. the woman says she knew nothing about jackson's political desires. jackson will not comment on these new allegations. a new report found the homewood fire department il- prepared in the handling of a fire that killed a rookie firefighter and an elderly man last march. an investigation by the national institute for occupational safety criticizes the homewood fire department for using ineffective methods and being il-equipped. the firefighter was not wearing a required breathing apparatus at the time. he died of smoke inhalation. the homewood fire department has not commented. a southern illinois university student from the chicago area died over the weekend when he fell from a roof. 21-year-old daniel sidle of evergreen park fell off the roofer from an off campus home in carbondale.
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he died later at a hospital. carbondale police and jackson county coroner's office are investigating his death. police say he apparently fell during what described as a social gathering. the spokesman declined to say whether alcohol was a factor. at least ten people were shot during the night across chicago. two of whom were wounded here outside an alderman's office. a 19-year-old and a 26-year-old were shot outside a shore bank branch at 46 and cottage grove which is also the home to the warrant offices of toni preckwinkle. he is also the nominee for cook county board president. both victims were take tonight hospital in good condition. no arrests were made in the shootings this morning. state investigators found 124 people with active arrest warants in illinois nursing homes. some of the offenders were residents but some of them were staff members. >> many of the individuals we have arrested. there have not been a medical need to keep them in the nursing home. many do need to stay because of
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their medical condition. unfit to be moved but a lot of people are from other states. >> investigators found the offenders during 21 unannounced sweeps of 1200 nursing homes throughout the state. 30 people were arrested and 14 people believed to be missing were identified. experts are meeting in the chicago area today to talk about what you can do to keep some nasty pests away. >> talking bed bugs. they are creepy. they bite. and they are turning up in homes, hotels, college dorms, retail stores and many other locations. small bug, big summit. julian crews reports from rosemont where a bed bug summit is underway. >> reporter: it's making people buggy and age old problem that's resurface wag vengeance. bed bugs especially in new york, stateside epicenter of the infestation and in chicago where experts predict it women get a whole lot worse. >> we expect chicago to have an
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outbreak like new york has had. somewhere between the next one and three years. i'm putting my bets in two summers. >> looking for ways to sloe the spread of the north american bed bug summit in rosemont. with the growth in international travel, one of the key bed bug transfer points according to experts are hotel rooms. bot. of the head board and mattress. >> you want to take a quick look around the head board and box springs to make sure you don't see anything. take a look at the mattress. >> increase league resistant to pesticides, growing pandemic has crossed international borders, spawning a cottage industry of bed bug exterminators specializing in new fangled techniques from specially trained dogs that can sniff out bed bugs and their eggs to super slippery rings made of a special material that wrap around the legs at bottom of your bed creating a barrier between you and them. >> it's the stimplest way to protect your bed from bed bugs.
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it's been tested by world leading bed bug entomologists and zero have been able to reach the disk you put at top of the bed leg. but there is no perfect solution so the bed bug problem across the united states and here in chicago only likely to get worse. in rosemont, julian crews, wgn news. next on the mid-day news, authority says former army sergeant was behind a deadly shooting at a texas military base. >> and i'm robert jordan. the young people who are staging a sit-in outside republican headquarters continue to do so. coming up, i will tell you what they hope to achieve. and not only good at preventing a seasonal virus, but new research says flu shots may also ward off heart attacks.
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nine nato troops have been killed in helicopter crash in afghanistan. >> the taliban says it shot down the chopper but nato says there is no reports of hostile fire in the area. the helicopter when down in the southern afghanistan. nationalities of the victims have not been released but senior military official says a large number of american service men are among the dead. this year is the deadliest for international forces since the war began in 2001. one of the two women shot monday at fort bliss texas has died and the fbi says the gunman was a retired army sergeant. the fbi identified the gunman as 63-year-old steven crop of el paso. he opened fire in a convenience store on the base shooting two
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women who worked there. he was later shot and killed by police. and one of the women was pronounced dead at a nearby army medical center. authorities say they don't know if prop had any relationship with the victim. the commander of the utah national guard is expecting responsibility -- accepting responsibility for a wildfire. the national guard officials made a mistake when they allowed live fire training at camp williams despite high wind warning. the wildfire sparked by the live ammunition has destroyed three houses. damaged a fourth. and forced evacuation of 1600 homes. it's about 25% contained. a push to repeal the don't ask, don't tell law appears to have failed today in the senate. democrats say banning openly gay people from serving in the military is a violation of their civil rights. but republicans argue ending the rule will hurt morale of u.s. service members. the senator suzanne collins announced she would vote against repealing the law and
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her vote was crucial towards a repeal. senators dick durbin and joe leiberman at a joint news conference this morning. >> it's time to bring some justice in this particular regard to the united states military. thank you. >> i want to thank senator leiberman for his support of the dream act. i support his efforts to repeal don't ask, don't tell. >> don't ask, don't tell has been in effect for 17 years. another devicive issue facing senators today, an immigration bill. wgn's robert jordan is live downtown with details on what's called the dream act. >> allison and steve, as you heard, dick durbin mentioned he is one of the authors of this dream act which was proposed by senator durbin with republican support. it's not law yet. it will offer a path to citizenship for undocumented citizens. and one ever the ways they
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could go about gaining this is to go to an institution of higher learning like a college or trade school for a couple of years or go into the u.s. military. it's all designed to help young people who know no other country but the u.s. >> even though we are undocumented, we consider ourselves a part of this country because we have been here for so long. she has been in the united states most of her life. since she was seven. now 23. and while many undocumented citizens don't apply for college or the military, some do and some manage to get in. even with a college degree, she has hit a wall. >> possibly medical school. i am thinking about becoming an architect. i have a lot of dreams and ideas i want to fulfill. however, because i am undocumented, i have a lot of challenges along the way. >> this group of students has been camping out at republican headquarters hoping the gop
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will join democratic senator dick durbin who drew up the proposal in backing the dream act. >> many of them are "a" students. many of them are willing to go to the armed forces and do the duties the many of our citizens are not willing to do. >> holding up the letter that they planned to present to gop officials, many of the protestors say helping the young people will be good for the future of this country and for the kids who call the u.s. home. >> some students are able to go to the universities. but after they have the degree and they don't have a job. because they don't have a social security number to put on their applications. >> reporter: and to be eligible for permanent residency under the dream act, a young person must have been in the united states before the age of 16. have been here for at least five continuous years and demonstrate the ability to
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muslim's group's plan to build a positionic is on hold for at least a month. the group called mecca says it promotes tolerance between muslim and other religions and opposes radical extremism. it wants to build a mosque with an 80 foot tower and a 70 froot dome on 91 street near route 83. a three hour public hearing didn't allow enough time for
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opponents of the project to speak out so the dupage county zoning board of appeals will meet again october 12. an appellate court is allowing chicago officials to take over a cemetery near o'hare airport in order to build a new runway there. the court issued a ruling yesterday saying the city is legally required to remove 1,000 graves and relocate them to another plot of larched. -- land. officials from st. johns united church of christ which owns 161- year-old cemetery had the opportunity to file an appeal with the illinois supreme court. the church opposes the plan. they claim it violates its religious principles. >> reporter: i'm angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. the commerce department building some confidence today in the housing market. saying the number of homes builders started work on was 10.5% in august. not only that, building permits which are a sign of future
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concession rose 1.8% last month. mortgage rates close to record lows may be giving builders confidence to begin new projects. and rates may remain at low levels. economists say ahead of federal reserve policy makers coming out with comments today that they will probably affirm its pledge to keep interest rates low for an extended period. traders will be looking for clues for the fed to add additional liquidity to boost the economy by buying treasuries. all listening for clues whether or not they will do that. the fed coming out with its statement in less than an hour from now. illinois pharmaceutical company abbott laboratories making huge job cuts. this after acquired a pharmaceutical business last year for $7.1 billion. abbott coming out today saying it will cut 3,000 jobs. majority of them in europe. and lastly, college is expensive but we have been told
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the payoff is in the higher salary earned. according to a report in u.s. today, the college board says the college degree starts to pay off around age 33. we won't have to wait that long. college grads do make 60% more with median incomes of about $60,000. right now on wall street, stocks are dropping this hour as investors wait more clues from the federal reserve for the outlook of the economy. live from the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. drunk drivers will be -- truck drivers will be prohibited from texting. the requirement will be added to other rules that bar commercial bus and truck drivers from sending text messages and train operators from using mobile devices while on the job. there is a hack on twitter and it's causing mysterious
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tweets of blocked out text. the text multiplies and causes pop up windows to open. these pop ups can contain malicious codes that could take over poorly protected computers. the hack causes the tweets to activate without being clicked on. however, the hack only affects visitors to obesity isn't only tough on your health but bad for your bank account. new study says cost per year of being obese is almost $5,000 for women and nearly $2,700 for men. the cost consist of things like sick days and lost productivity. doctors suggest larger women earn less than skinnier women but there is little wage difference for men. an update on the cub's tyler colvin following that freak bat accident. an entire team of runners with mystery bone fractures. ahead in the medical watch, the mysterious problem affecting so many young women. and they ruled alternative rock radio with their hits possum kingdom and water fall.
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now back with a new studio album. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? ♪ introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid, specially formulated to fight morning pain and fatigue. ♪ so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. aretha franklin's son eddie was attacked out sad gas station last knit in detroit. the 52-year-old was severely beaten by three people whose motive wasn't clear. the suspects fled the scene and franklin was rushed to a
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willical hospital. he is currently -- to a local hospital. he is undergoing surgery. eddie is one of aretha franklin's four sons. the death of wide receiver kenny mckinley is ruled a suicide. mckinley was found dead in his home yesterday afternoon. police believe they say they believe he shot himself. mckinley was out for the season after he injured his knee last month. missed half of his rookie season last year after he injured that same knee. cubs rookie outfielder tyler colvin remains hospitalized and says he is doing okay. he had a chest tube inserted to avoid potential collapsed lung after being stabbed by a broken bat. he brought back the dangers of maple bats. maple bats are harder and have an exploding break compared to the splintering of ash bats. many prefer maple bats even with the injury risks. officials continue to study the issue. federal government is suing a couple who refuse to sell
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their home to radio personality george willborn. wilburn is already suing daniel and adrian sabuya and their real estate agent for racial discrimination. wilburn says he had an agreement to buy the home in bridgeport for $1.7 million. but the couple backed down. the federal government's lawsuit says he told his realtor he did not want to sell to an african-american. the couple has not responded to either lawsuit. governor quinn has reached a deal with the state's largest employee union. it's a deal that could save thousands of jobs over the next to years. under the agreement, ask me members must accept furlough days, less overtime pay and higher insurance costs. in exchange, the state will not lay off employees or close government facilities until june of 2012. this deal could save the state anywhere between 50 million and $100 million. both sides deny the deal is linked to an endorsement of governor quinn in the race for governor. union leaders want chicagoans to pay a $10
12:28 pm
mondayly fee for recycling services. the move will raise about $72 million which is enough to pay for the city-wide switch to curbside recycling. currently one-third of chicago households have those blue bin recycling garbage containers. everyone else has to haul their items to drop off boxes. chicago aldermen are considering the proposed fee but they admit it will be difficult to pass during an election year. tim mcgill is in for tom skilling. he has a potentially stormy forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare? are you new to medicare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers you're looking for. with over 25 years of experience working with medicare, unitedhealthcare can help with the confusion. call or go to now. we'll also send you this free guide full of helpful information. medicare has two parts, parts a and b,
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or go online at for the free guide, so you'll be better prepared when making medicare plan decisions. so, if you have questions about medicare or are new to medicare or simply want to know the difference between medicare parts a, b, c and d... make sure you have the answers you need. unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. have questions about medicare? new to medicare? call or visit us online at and united healthcare medicare solutions will send this free guide. tim mcgill is in for tom skilling today as we say good- bye to summer officially. >> it will go out with a bang.
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feeling like summer. warm and humid. enjoy it now because three or four mobs from now we will wish for the warm weather. here is a look outside and we are enjoying sunshine. clouds are thickening. high mid-level clouds coming from the west. debris clouds after thunderstorm that could be in here late this afternoon but most of the kay will be dry and then warmer than average. looking at high near 0 degrees and hit 09 we better do it quick because the chance foors high 90 degrees or warmer is fading fast. about 99% of the days we hit 90 degrees or warm or cure before this day. only about 1% of day as we hit 90 degrees or warmer occurs after september 21. we will get close to that today. 80s right now. 85 degrees right now up in wheeling. we have 84 grows in waukegan. mid-80s across southwest suburbs as well. 58 in midway. average highs this time of year is only in the low 70s. about 72 or 73. more than ten degrees above average. one of the reasons why we have the strong southwest wind. pretty steady between 10 and 20. gusts up around 30 miles per
12:32 pm
hour as we go through the day. warm side of an approaching cold front. the front triggered showers and thunderstorms and still going on here across central iowa in particular. stronger storms there out near des moines moving off toward the northeast. this line moving more northeast than east at the moment and i think our best chance of thunderstorms will be late this afternoon. probably after 3:00 or 4:00 into the evening hours and overnight we could see a few showers all the way to the morning hours. warm out ahead of the front. cooler behind it. 50s across northern minnesota. the coldest air will remain to the north but we will get a glancing blow from this cool canadian air mass tomorrow. and front is south of us overnight tonight. cool down a bit. even though cooling down we will manage to be a little bit above average even tomorrow we will cool down about 10 degrees. we will get a few showers out of the front in the morning and then later in the afternoon as things are more unsettled. as far as rainfall goes, rpm spinning out to a half inch to an inch of rain depending if you are caught underneath a
12:33 pm
downpour. heaviest rain across central wisconsin toward up. looking for highs near 90. upper 80s. behind the front cooler 60s and 70s which we will see tomorrow. slide back into the mid-70s for highs around here. strong southwest winds blowing today and shift overnight tonight and then tomorrow we will come off the lake to cool us down a bit around hire during the day tomorrow. check your forecast for today. looking for some sunshine today. giving way to clouds. partly to mostly sunny overall. windy and warm with scatters showers and thunderstorms developing. much of the day should be dry although kind of sticky. highs around 86 to 930 degrees. many areas up close to 90. we checked weather bug kankakee is at 90 degrees. for tonight mostly cloudy. showers likely. could see a few rumbles of thunder here and this evening. mild and muggy tonight. lows down to mid-60s for most of us. 69 in the loop. forecast for tomorrow chance for showers both in the morning and then later in the day. won't be a wash out until wednesday. partly to mostly cloudy. mid-70s and we are looking
12:34 pm
ahead toward the weekend. another rebound it looks like on thursday back up into the mid- to upper 80s. summer isn't quite over with yet. maybe on the k58der it is but hang on until thursday and see thunderstorms late thursday and most of thursday will be dry. weekend looking a little cooler. but dry and will have the good news on that. >> seemed muggy. >> mug people dew point in the 60s. >> i can feel it in the studio. thank you. ready for the trivia question? >> all right. >> true or false, the green sea turtical pull its head into its shell to protect it from predators. the answer is still ahead on the wgn midday news. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone?
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gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. on the medical watch, daughter breaks a leg without
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an apparent injury. yet another girl, an avid run suffers multiple fractures. what's going on? the bone robbing disease reserved for older women threatens teenagers and young women with a vengeance. your daughter protected? on the field she is fierce. chicago force female football player. >> i have always been active in sports. >> in great shape, one day natalie noticed a strange pain. >> about mid-february that i was noticing with my left hip, that something was wrong. i wasn't sure what and kind of -- i didn't stretch enough and i realized it was something more serious. that because it wasn't getting better. it was getting worse to the point where i would be running or -- you know, there would be tears in my eyes because the pain. it was getting to the point where it was noticeable. >> she plays safety. strong and fast. but she doesn't remember a hit that broke her bone. even an x-ray didn't find one.
12:38 pm
her doctor order an mri. >> this is the beginning of a stress fracture. and there is some involvement of the muscle as well. they come in with an injury and stress fracture and my radar goes up and something is going on here and i will get a bone density scan on them and it will show they are -- >> it's a precursor to osteoporosis. disease women are plagued with after menopause where the bones break down. >> they basically told me my bones are the same as a 56-year- old. >> more and more more sports medicine doctor is seeing younger women and girs and in one case an entire team of girls in crisis. >> this isn't right. these kids should be having strong bones at this age. stinstad when we are building our bone banks when we are young, teenagers young adults we are now seeing a trend toward a loss. low vitamin d. poor nutrition, overtraining may be to blame. combination can alter the
12:39 pm
mens'trol cycle. >> refer to a gynecologists. there is some individuals that are actually putting young athletes that are not mens' trting on birth control that's still controversial but the thought is that you are replacing the estrogen and have a positive effect on the bone. >> natalie going a different route. training herself to eat right to protect her body. taking calcium and vitamin d and taking breaks to allow for recovery time. hoping that will give her the safety to get back in the game. >> my bones allow me to, i will definitely be back out there. >> doctors aren't sure if they can reverse the effects once they grn. the key is to spot the deficit early and prevent the problem in the first place. on the medical watch, dina bair, wgn news. flu shots could be good forless heart -- for the heart. adults who received a flu shot were 19% less likely to have their first heart attack in the following 12 months compared to those who didn't get the shot. researchers say the study does
12:40 pm
not prove flu shots prevent heart attacks but does suggest a possible link between respiratory infections and heart attacks. and your live illinois lottery drawing is next. blatche
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how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? you should talk to the specialist. the specialist? he compares rates side by side. you could save hundreds. it's easy. great. okay, pickles! do your thing. [ bell rings ] that's amazing! i trained him myself. i meant the... okay. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. less nan two weeks ago sox were just four and a half games out of first. they have quickly dropped out of contention ever since. last night the slide continued
12:44 pm
as gavin floyd threw over search pitches -- seven pitches before leaving. they gave up three runs and that's all the as would need holding the sox scoreless. as win. sox losing streak hits seven and fall 11 games back in the division. the cubs opened up their final home stand in the 2010 season. they will host the giants who hold a half game lead on the nl west division. the cubs may be the one team playoff contenders don't want to run into. the giants will face one of the hottest pitchners baseball. carlos zambrano coming in on a six game win streak. cubs will look to spoil the giants playoff hopes. hawks pre-season opener is tonight. one guy who has turned heads mainly because of how fast he skates is new forward victor stallburg. they say he is the fastest guy on the team. he comes over from the lowly maple leafs. >> obviously going from one of the worst teams in league to
12:45 pm
the best ones. that's exciting and looking forward to getting a chance to play here and hopefully can take advantage of things and really good players. now to monday night football. saints and niners tied at 22 late. saints start their drive with a 1:19 left. drew brees drives in to help set up this. garrett hartley from 37 yards out. it is partially blocked. still good. saints win 25-22. they are 2-0. the niners 0-2. and that's a look at sports. lunch break coming up next. chef michael corenic shows us how to prepare butter nut squash risotto. and more live musethic midday from the toadies.
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it is time for our lunch break today and i'm joined by good friend of a mutual friend. he is also the chef coordinator for the annual tolk dining gala. tell us about it. >> an evening with chicago's great chefs and this year we are proud to feature some the
12:49 pm
wonderful hotel chefs. jason mccloud as well as michael garven from the elite club. and we have christine from the "w" and 11 other chefs and we raise money for cozy which sends kids with cancer to camp up in lake geneva, wisconsin. we are hoping to sell out. 350 people which we have the last four years with my fifth year coordinating the event. >> good for you. >> and we hope to raise quarter million dollars for the kids. >> i hope that we help you in that effort today. okay. and you are making -- wonderful autumn risotto. >> butternut squash risotto. a lot of things started. we have saute'ed onions and butter nutt squash and -- butternut squash and chicken stock and we have been adding slowly. >> why do you add the stock slowly? >> which want the risotto to
12:50 pm
gently soak up the liquid. to risotto cooks in stages and it's getting that creaminess, not just from the starch on the rice but a little bit from the squash that starts to break down. started out diced like that and now see it's sort of partially in pieces and then this beautiful yellow cream. today we were serving it with a little bit of wild mushroom ragu. and saute'ed them in butter and fresh herbs. we will top it. and then we are about ready to go. we will finish with a generous helping of parnlgtion -- parmesan cheese. >> if you never been there you are missing out. it's a treat. and can we just give a shout out to our friend linda. who might be watching and hear i love her and think about her.
12:51 pm
we love your restaurant. risotto on the platter. >> that looks great. >> mushroom rag -- ragouts in that looks so good. there you have it. >> that is absolutely beautiful. you know, you got started so far ahead of time -- >> i did finish early? >> you finished a little early which is fine because there is still so much to talk about. all of these ingredients are in this risotto, everything i see here. >> everything you see. >> we started with a little bit of butter in olive oil and added our onions and garlic and sweated them. added the butternut squash. when it was just about tender i added the rice and added the stock. one ladle at a time for about 20 minutes. >> so you have been cooking this since what time today? >> early part of the noon news. >> so since about 11:00. on the fire rice in almost any
12:52 pm
fashion takes about 20 minutes. 18, 22 or so. and generally -- >> it looks great and i can't wait to try it. and i'm also impressed with the generosity in the chef community to give back. >> i think it's an amazing group of people, not just the chefs that are participating tonight but in the five years we had over 60 chefs from chicago's restaurants participate and in other community events as well. so many events want to have really great food component. the way to do it is to get the chefs and restaurants involved. >> the pastry chefs involved. >> and hot chocolate and tony from mk. and mindy who is my pastry chef going way back to the early mk days has been with us since the beginning. and we were basically i think
12:53 pm
at this point trying to bring new chefs in so that our guests can experience new restaurants and then hopefully those imeses who enjoy themselves will visit those restaurants throughout the year. thank you. the fifth annual toque and evening with chicago's culinary masters is thursday september 30 at renaissance chicago hotel. 1 west wacker drive. if you want more information on how the chef put this beautiful risotto together today, check out our web page, my doctor said most calcium supplements...
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. did you get the turtle question? >> no. >> i will give you the answer to our trivia question today. true or false, the green sea turtle can pull its head into its shell to protect it from predators. the answer is false. see, we didn't know this. like other sea turtles, the green turtle can not pull its head into its shell.
12:56 pm
we thought, the three of us thought all could pull their heads in. >> i think it would be a lizard. or some other reptile. >> we learned a little something about turtle. >> teach you something about the weather. if you remember this. we are enjoying a nice warm last day of summer. 86 degrees right now. hammond school downtown 84 degrees in fox lake and now 92 degrees in kankakee. that's the longest. here are a couple other spots. 8degrees in beacher. clear on the radar but up to the north and west is a line of thunderstorm across iowa and southwest wisconsin. some of those late this afternoon between 6:00 and midnight is the best as far as timing goes. severe thunderstorm watch up to the lower michigan. not totally surprised if we don't get a watch box. 88 for a high and our last full day of summer. storms late today and overnight tonight showers in the morning and redeveloping in the afternoon and kind of cloudy at times. 75 for a high. but summer isn't over with.
12:57 pm
it will feel like to again on thursday. 87 for a high then. more showers and thunderstorms late thursday and friday. and cool down it's friday. we will clear out and cool down for the weekend. upper 50s and low 70s. 74 degrees for a high when the bears host green bay on monday. that will be a nice game to go to. and thank you for joining us today. have a great afternoon. remember, we are back at 5:00 and 9:00. more live musethic midday. the tonys you catchthem tonight at the double door in chicago.
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